National Vision for the Modern Yemeni State

Plan Type: Vision

Member State: Yemen

Coverage Period: -

Document Language: English

GOAL 1: No Poverty GOAL 2: Zero Hunger GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being GOAL 4: Quality Education GOAL 5: Gender Equality GOAL 6: Clean Water and Sanitation GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure GOAL 10: Reduced Inequalities GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production GOAL 13: Climate Action GOAL 14: Life Below Water GOAL 15: Life on Land Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

National Vision for the Modern Yemeni State

January 2019

The National Vision for the Modern Yemeni State aims for a modern, democratic, stable and unified Yemen, which rests on building strong institutions, achieving justice, promoting development, dignified life and good living standards for Yemeni citizens, protecting national independence, and seeking world peace and equal cooperation with other countries.

Pillars & Objectives

Pillar: Comprehensive national reconciliation and political settlement
  • Achieve comprehensive national reconciliation between political parties, factions and different groups through a peaceful political process based on justice and reparation to achieve peace and respect for national sovereignty and for the nation's best interests
Pillar: Governance system
  • Promote a system of governance based on modern and democratic foundations, and on the peaceful transfer of authority; uphold political, economic and social rights and freedoms; encourage free and independent media; invest resources to foster integration and equity in wealth distribution; promote local and central development; build effective governance institutions that combat corruption; uphold the rule of law, transparency, accountability and active social participation; and ensure social and political stability to achieve a favourable environment for sustainable and inclusive development
Pillar: Social restructuring
  • Build a modern and cohesive society that safeguards its identity, originality, civilization and humanity from destructive factors such as tribalism, regionalism and the effects of past conflicts
  • Develop population policies conducive to achieving social justice, combating poverty, facilitating access to necessary services and improving living standards
  • Achieve comprehensive, just and balanced societal development in a way that positively invests the energies and capacities of society
Pillar: Economy
  • Promote a diversified economy based on the effective investment of natural and human resources, support self-sufficiency, and stimulate development by focusing on the competitive advantages of Yemen and striving for economic excellence at the regional level
Pillar: Administrative development
  • Establish a qualified, efficient, professional and transparent administrative authority that is subject to accountability and capable of providing adequate public services for citizens in line with the requirements of change and development; promote modern administrative foundations in policymaking, service delivery and public administration to achieve administrative development; and implement comprehensive development goals supported by a modern and effective civil service system that contributes to improving institutional performance
Pillar: Justice and rule of law
  • Develop a just and independent judiciary that strives to achieve justice and protect the rights and freedoms of all citizens effectively and impartially in accordance with the provisions of the law while ensuring effective self-supervision
Pillar: Innovation, creativity, knowledge and scientific research
  • Develop the innovative and creative skills of young generations by promoting their cognitive development and helping them to produce knowledge and technology to serve their society and support their country's growth
Pillar: Education
  • Provide high-quality education for all members of the society by stimulating the acquisition of knowledge and skills, instilling values and ethics, meeting the needs of development and keeping pace with scientific and technological progress
Pillar: Health
  • Develop a modern health system that responds to the needs of society, based on individual and collective responsibility that supports the achievement of sustainable development
Pillar: Environment
  • Protect the environment as an important national resource to achieve sustainable development
Pillar: Defense and security
  • Strengthen the national army based on modern foundations and national standards to enable it to protect the homeland, national sovereignty and independence; and build modern security institutions that provide effective security services for citizens and create the necessary climate for stability and development
Pillar: Foreign policy and national security
  • Develop a national security system that protects the interests of Yemen and guarantees sovereignty and decision-making independence, and maintain effective external relations that serve the best interests of the nation based on the principles of equality, mutual respect and common interests