National Transformation Program Delivery Plan 2021 - 2025

نوع الخطة: National Development Plan

البلد: Saudi Arabia

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لغة الوثيقة: English

National Transformation Program Delivery Plan 2021 - 2025

يناير 2021

The National Transformation Program aims to develop the necessary infrastructure and create an environment that enables the public, private and non-profit sectors to achieve Vision 2030. This will be accomplished by achieving governmental operational excellence, supporting digital transformation, enabling the private sector, developing economic partnerships, and promoting social development, in addition to ensuring the sustainability of vital resources.

In the first phase (2016-2020), the Program contributed to many important accomplishments. In the next phase (2021-2025), the Program will continue developing the required infrastructure, enhancing social development, ensuring the sustainability of vital resources, achieving governmental operational excellence, supporting digital transformation and increasing the attractiveness of the labor market in order to create an environment that enables the public and private sectors to achieve Vision 2030. 

الركائز والأهداف

الركيزة: Achieve Government Operational Excellence
  • Foster values of equity & transparency
  • Improve productivity of government employees
  • Improve quality of services provided to citizens
  • Enhance transparency across government roles
  • Ensure responsiveness of government entities to stakeholders' feedback
الركيزة: Ensure Sustainability of Vital Resources
  • Reduce all types of pollution
  • Safeguard the environment from natural threats
  • Protect and rehabilitate natural landscapes
  • Ensure development and food security
  • Ensure sustainable use of water resources
الركيزة: Social Empowerment and Non-Profit Sector Development
  • Empower citizens through the welfare system
  • Improve effectiveness and efficiency of welfare system
  • Encourage volunteering
  • Enhance businesses' focus on their social responsibilities
  • Support growth of non-profit sector
  • Empower non-profit organizations to create a deeper impact
الركيزة: Labor Market Accessibility and Attractiveness
  • Increase women participation in the labor market
  • Enable integration of people with disabilities in the labor market
  • Improve working conditions for expats
  • Source relevant foreign talent effectively
الركيزة: Digital Transformation
  • Develop the digital economy
  • Develop the e-Government
الركيزة: Private Sector Empowerment
  • Enhance ease of doing business
  • Attract foreign and local investments
  • Enable the development of the retail sector
  • Support national champions to consolidate their leadership globally
  • Develop promising local companies into regional and global leaders
  • Grow SME contribution to the economy
  • Grow productive families contribution to the economy
  • Strengthen communication channels with citizens & business community
  • Enhance businesses' focus on the sustainability of the economy
الركيزة: Development of Economic Partnerships
  • Push forward the GCC integration agenda
  • Develop economic ties with the region beyond GCC
  • Develop economic ties with global partners