Public Investment Fund Program (2021-2025)

نوع الخطة: Sectoral Plan

البلد: Saudi Arabia

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لغة الوثيقة: English

Public Investment Fund Program (2021-2025)

يناير 2021

As a catalyst for Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia’s transformation blueprint, Public Investment Fund Program PIF Program endeavors to support PIF’s efforts that are not only confined to uncovering new growth potentials for the Kingdom by investing in International financially viable projects. Rather, it plays a pivotal role locally, by investing in local projects that will support the advancement of Saudi Arabia’s priority sectors. Such measures will unfold new opportunities for non-oil GDP growth, generate more jobs, increase local content, empower a thriving private sector, improve quality of life, and solidify the Kingdom’s leadership position. In line with 2030 vision, in its second edition (2021-2025) will continue its endeavor as one of the Vision Realization Programs (VRPs) to achieve its objectives and contribute in diversifying the kingdom’s economy, cultivate new sectors and leading towards vibrant society, thriving economy and ambitious nation.