Plan Type: National Development Plan

Member State: Kuwait

Coverage Period: -

Document Language: Arabic

Government Action Plan 2022-2026

January 2022

The Government's Programme of Action for Legislative Chapter XVII reflects serious Government directions to operationalize urgent administrative, economic and social reforms during the Programme's working period (2022/2026). In conformity with the distinguished National Assembly, it contributes to advancing development achievement and laying the foundation for sustained cooperation between the executive and legislative branches in order to reflect the true form of constitutional texts and meet the development aspirations of the State in general and citizens in particular.

Pillars & Objectives

Pillar: Political
  • Promote democratic practice
  • Illegal nationality and residency files
Pillar: Governance and digitization
  • Oversight and anti-corruption
  • Digitization
  • Public policies and governance
Pillar: Justice and security
  • Security stability
  • Advance Security Setup
Pillar: Social Development
  • Community partnership
  • Housing solutions
  • Comprehensive regulation of real estate trading
  • Women, children and people with disabilities
  • Social protection
Pillar: Education
  • Broad prospects for higher education opportunities
  • A paradigm shift in the educational system
Pillar: Health
  • Improve Health centers
  • Upgrading Health Services
Pillar: economics and finance
  • economic cities
  • economic structure
  • Industrial Production Support
  • Oil and gas industries
  • financial sustainability
Pillar: entertainment and sports
  • Youth and sports
  • tourism and entertainment
  • Culture
Pillar: Workforce
  • National leaderships
  • Jobs and wages
  • Demographics
Pillar: Infrastructure and energy
  • Development projects
  • Energy projects
  • Environment protection