The Tenth Development Plan 2015-2019

Plan Type: National Development Plan

Member State: Saudi Arabia

Coverage Period: -

Document Language: Arabic

The Tenth Development Plan 2015-2019

January 2015

The 10th National Development Plan 2015-2019 highlights a set of priorities to address several challenges such as increasing demographic growth rates, upgrading the living standards and quality of life of citizens, and keeping pace with the fast changes in global oil markets.

Pillars & Objectives

Pillar: Launching major economic initiatives
  • Building an economic vision for Makkah and Medina
  • development of the mining sector
  • Establishment of a State real estate company
  • Transforming the Kingdom into a global logistics center
  • Developing industrial and service groupings and increasing local industrial content
  • Activate the use of promising islands
  • Development of King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah
Pillar: Development of the State's financial resources
  • broadening the tax base
  • Improved efficiency of collection of direct and indirect taxes and government service fees
  • Development of zakat collection methods and income taxes on all establishments and individuals
  • Review of expatriate employment fees, which contribute to stimulating national employment and increase their competitiveness against expatriate workers
  • VAT application within the framework of what is agreed with GCC countries
  • Charging and collecting zakat on white lands
  • Development of the policy of collecting the benefits of expatriate treatment services in government hospitals in full from insurance companies
  • Fiscal Collection Study on Some Free Government Services
  • Study of the status of wages and financial compensation for municipal services
  • Increased import tariffs in coordination with GCC countries within WTO permissible limits
Pillar: Raising the efficiency of government spending
  • Rationalization of operational expenditures by relying on higher expenditure productivity
  • Rationalize spending on infrastructure projects without compromising development goals
  • Enhancing the efficiency of government performance through the development of procedures that improve employees' efficiency, especially in the education and health sectors
  • Enhancing the efficiency of the Government's support system
Pillar: Activating the role of the private sector
  • Development of bank credit mechanisms for the private sector
  • Launch of investment funds and companies (venture capital), to support investment in scientific research and support startups
  • Revitalizing the capital market and supporting its stability by adopting a number of effective actions
  • Incentives for Private Sector Enterprises to Switch to Shareholders
  • The General Authority for Investment attracts more foreign capital
Pillar: Improving the effectiveness of government performance
  • Improve governance mechanisms in government agencies
  • Create a unified digital account for each citizen
  • Aligning education outcomes with the labour market
Pillar: Revitalizing society's productivity
  • Launch of the Knowledge Family Program to define its concept and operationalize its role as a core in the knowledge society system
  • Launching initiatives to improve productivity in both the private and public sectors
  • Activating the role of civil society organizations and charitable endowments
Pillar: Building Development Security
  • Risk planning
  • Operationalizing the enforcement and obligation of public environmental order
Pillar: Review economic policy options
  • The Plan was keen to adopt the principle of its review - whenever relevant - to ensure the adequacy of policies and implementation mechanisms for achieving the goals and ensuring the sustainability of economic and social development.