The Tenth Five Year Development Plan 2021-2025

Plan Type: National Development Plan

Member State: Oman

Coverage Period: -

Document Language: Arabic

The Tenth Five Year Development Plan 2021-2025

January 2020

This plan is a national medium-term integrated and comprehensive action plan developed by the Government and intended for implementation throughout the next five years as part of Oman Vision 2040. Through this plan, the Government seeks to achieve sustainable and comprehensive socioeconomic development in cooperation with the private sector and civil society.

Pillars & Objectives

Pillar: Human and Society
  • Priority of education, learning, scientific research, and national capabilities
  • Priority of welfare and social protection
  • Priority of Health and Wellbeing
  • Priority of citizenship, identity, heritage, and national culture
  • Priority for developing the youth sector
Pillar: Environment
  • Priority of Environmental and natural resources
Pillar: Economy and Development
  • Priority of economic diversification and financial sustainability
  • Priority of the private sector, investment and international cooperation
  • Priority of leadership and economic management
  • Priority of information and communications technology
  • Priority for developing sustainable governorates and cities
  • Priority of the labor market and employment
Pillar: Governance and Institutional Performance
  • Priority of legislation, judiciary and oversight
  • Priority of governance of the state’s administrative apparatus, resources and projects