The Tenth Five Year Development Plan 2021-2025

Plan Type: National Development Plan

Member State: Oman

Coverage Period: -

Document Language: Arabic

The Tenth Five Year Development Plan 2021-2025

January 2020

This plan is a national medium-term integrated and comprehensive action plan developed by the Government and intended for implementation throughout the next five years as part of Oman Vision 2040. Through this plan, the Government seeks to achieve sustainable and comprehensive socioeconomic development in cooperation with the private sector and civil society.

Pillars & Objectives

Pillar: Legislative and administrative development
  • Development of the system of legislation and laws in a manner supportive of the achievement of future vision objectives and operational plans
  • Updating the State's administrative apparatus in the context of recent structural encroachments to become an efficient and effective organ, applying the latest principles of governance and relying on national competencies chosen in accordance with fair and transparent standards,
Pillar: Addressing immediate challenges
  • Dealing with the repercussions of the current social and economic crisis resulting from the (Covid-19) pandemic, the economic depression, the aggravation of the problem of indebtedness and its impact on the creditworthiness of the Sultanate.
Pillar: Infrastructure and technology improvement
  • Expand the use of the applications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Artificial Intelligence and the Internet in the development of economic activities, and to expand the smart applications of human capital development as the basis for the desired comprehensive development
Pillar: Discipline and financial balance
  • Control of public expenditure, especially in progress, with the maintenance of unchanged development investment expenditure in preparation for its increase in the following years.
Pillar: Environmental sustainability
  • Take the necessary measures to confront the repercussions of climate change and pollution, preserve the environment and the rights of future generations to enjoy natural resources, especially depleted ones, and achieve food security.