The National Development Program for Post-War Syria, Syria Strategic Plan 2030

Plan Type: National Development Plan

Member State: Syria

Coverage Period: -

Document Language: Arabic

The National Development Program for Post-War Syria, Syria Strategic Plan 2030

May 2020

Syria's post-war National Development Programme (NDP) is the programme from which the Government will derive its medium- and short-term plans and, at the same time, is a consultative framework for the private sector and civil society in the formulation of its programmes and plans.

The program included a summary of the main findings reached at the stage of analysis of Syria's development situation between 2018-2020, which depends on the outcomes of this situation and the overall and phased objectives reached, and then the indicative policy proposals associated with these visions and objectives to finally reach the package of projects that form the operational framework of the program.

Pillars & Objectives

Pillar: National dialogue and political pluralism
  • A unified country in which citizens enjoy the harmony and tolerance of their inclusive national identity, and possess the will, desire and ability to create and develop ways of organizing and administering the State's affairs, in such a way as to permit the management of its wishes and its development efficiently, and to ensure its growth and prosperity.
Pillar: Administrative reform and enhancing integrity
  • Create efficient, effective, transparent, impartial, flexible and agile government institutions that are accountable, promote community participation and achieve sustainable development.
Pillar: Growth and development
  • An evolving economy that supports inclusive and balanced development through high and sustainable growth and employment rates, provides decent income, achieves social justice within a broad participatory framework that encompasses all groups of society and sectors, and that is established on a diverse productive base that keeps pace with technological and knowledge flux and promotes sustainability