Financial Sector Development Program Delivery Plan 2022

Plan Type: Sectoral Plan

Member State: Saudi Arabia

Coverage Period: -

Document Language: English

Financial Sector Development Program Delivery Plan 2022

January 2022

On April 24 2017, the Council of Economic and Development Affairs (CEDA) launched 11 delivery programs to realize vision 2030. The most prominent of these programs is the Financial Sector Development Program (FSDP) that aims to develop the national economy and the remaining VRPs. The Financial Sector Development Program aims to develop a diversified and effective financial sector to support the development of Saudi Arabia's economy, diversify its sources of income, and stimulate savings, finances and investments. The aim is to achieve this ambition by boosting financial sector institutions, and by developing the Kingdom's financial market to become an advanced capital market without weakening the financial sector's stability. Listed under the Financial Sector Development Program’s umbrella are several sub-sectors, including banking, insurance, investment, and stock and debt markets.

The Financial Sector Development Program Delivery Plan Document is the Program Charter for the year 2022.