Quality of Life delivery plan

Plan Type: Sectoral Plan

Member State: Saudi Arabia

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Document Language: English

Quality of Life delivery plan

January 2020

One of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 Realization Programs (VPRs), the Quality of Life Program aims to improve the individual and families’ quality of life by creating the necessary environment to develop and support new liveable and lifestyle options in Saudi Arabia. These options will bolster the participation of citizens, residents and visitors in cultural, entertainment, sports, tourism, and urban activities, and other related activities that nurture their quality of life. Such diverse options will have their own economic and social impact by creating jobs, diversifying economic activity, and consequently boosting Saudi cities' ranking amongst the World’s top liveable cities.

This document shows the delivery plan (2020-2023) launched by the Quality of Life Program with the aim  to achieve a number of targets by the end of its current phase in 2023.