Ministry of Health Strategy 2019-2023

Plan Type: Sectoral Plan

Member State: Saudi Arabia

Coverage Period: -

Document Language: Arabic

Ministry of Health Strategy 2019-2023

January 2019

​​​​The Ministry of Health (MOH) Strategy is coherent and consistent with the healthcare strategy in the Kingdom, ratified by the Council of Ministers' resolution No. (320), dated 17/9/1430, corresponding to 7/9/2009. 

The Ministry has set this strategy, taking into consideration all the elements that would achieve the future vision in line with the development accomplished in health services sector around the world. In addition, the strategy is consistent with the roles played by the Ministry; the assigned authority to provide health services to the citizens, in addition to its responsibility of oversight and supervision of private sector facilities, as well as the development of legislation, rules and regulations for the provision of healthcare services to the citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This strategy comes in response to a series of major challenges facing the healthcare sector in various countries around the world, including Saudi Arabia.

Through the current strategic plan, the Ministry of Health has implemented modern methodologies in providing health care services that makes the health system completely devoted to patients, or, in other words, a patient-centered health care system aiming to meet patients’ health needs in the right place at the right time.